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Anshun City Constantly Improves “One-Stop” Real-time Settlement of Triple Medical Insurance

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Triple medical insurance “one-stop” real-time settlement promotion and training meeting was held recently. With the official operation of the precise “one-stop” real-time settlement service management platform, “one-stop” settlement service of the basic medical care, major illness insurance and medical assistance in Anshun City was further improved, aiming to provide convenient, fast and efficient medical assistance services for people in need, let the data play its roles and the masses to run less errands, and open up the “last-mile” of health and poverty alleviation.

The one-stop service, one-window transaction and one-receipt settlement, with the full implementation of the “one-stop” settlement service of triple medical insurance, the city’s basic medical insurance, major illness insurance and medical assistance work realized data interconnection and real-time sharing. People with special allowances and low living allowances as well as poverty-stricken population with archiving card who are eligible for medical assistance would continue to enjoy medical assistance in the hospital settlement window after they reimbursed the prescribed proportion of the medical expenses incurred in hospital with basic medical insurance and major illness insurance under the jurisdiction of Anshun City. This changed the long-term reimbursement process and multiple errands of insured personnel. It also greatly improved the working efficiency and promoted the health caring for the people.

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